Choosing Who You Are


“A man who procrastinated in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.”― Hunter S. Thompson, The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman, 1955-1967

The Status Quo

As a  millennial being raised in a super progressive era, I am feeling more and more uncomfortable with the status quo. maybe it’s just me but I get this strange feeling that we as a society seem to just excuse anything away as a life choice and separate choice from result all together. Sometimes we don’t make our choice and then it seems that our life is all of a sudden a horror story of inevitable life circumstances. As a daughter to a poor New York immigrant family I have had this thought process, or lack thereof, pushed at me my entire life and I just don’t want to play along quite frankly.

The practice of best Practices

I believe life should be a game of best practice. I’m going to follow the examples of those who live life in the way that I would love to. The goal is the have the ideal family life because I followed the example of the 80-year-old couple down the street. If I think elegant and poised women are my ideal kind of lady, then that is who I will look into to model myself after.

Thinking small or Not thinking at all

This seems so obvious now but so does all of the other great pieces of wisdom in the world. I recall when i first heard Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow rich, and got to that great line where he asks a simple question on making life choices. He asks if you don’t decide you want to bake a pie that afternoon why would you ever look up the recipe? This seems easy enough but how often does one think “gee, I guess I’ll go look up how to be a millionaire now and start off on that little project there”? To the average joe seems ridiculous right? Yet interestingly enough when my boyfriend said he wanted to be financially independent by 40 this is exactly what I did, and boy was I not let down. Do it, you will be shocked at how this seemingly complex issue is broken down and accessible to anyone if they just “look up the recipe”.

This got me realizing how I was living in a bubble of denial. I wouldn’t allow myself to think outside of my life and the lives of those around me and dream of what could be. I had a movie theater image of why people’s lives were the way they were and a lot of it had to do with luck, but it turns out very little of it has to do with luck. Life is either intentional or not so great. And I plan for it to be intentional.